E archiving & Content management

E archiving & Content management



Digimarketing offers expert Digital Archiving solutions to the businesses to be more productive, effective and improve their workflow at its best.

E Archiving & Content Management:

Many businesses archive their documents and credentials in file cabinet folders, which lead to spending a lot of time in looking for the required files in turn disturbing the workflow of the employees.

At DigiMarketing, we offer document and e-archiving management solutions depending on various bases. Currently, we have characterized on the basis of cloud computing, on the demand of workflow and on the legal compliance requirement.

We use industry leading content management software that helps integrating with systems for company CRM, contracts, insurance claims, accounting, finance, publishing, operating, and more.

Benefits of E Archiving:

  • Enhanced workflow
  • Increased productivity
  • Better customer relations

E library, E paper & E books:

We also offer electronic library services for the university libraries and information related services. E-library seems to be one of the major challenges faced in many universities and higher educational institutions in delivering digital library solutions.

Our E-Resource services have different access formats. Either the access is restricted to the libraries, or is available to the public in the form of E-books, E-papers, E-Journals, E-Images and other digital collection. It just not only deals with digital textures, but also a wide range of data including statistical, graphical, mapping, sound and other moving materials.

Our approach to E-library Management:

  • Digital Integration
  • Cross searching and linking
  • Content schemas
  • Authentication, authorization or personalization

This approach offers a virtual learning environment by integrating the students/professionals with the records and other information forming a web enabled e-university/e-institution.

Since there is enormous growth in e-library systems and information services, we will help to facilitate rapid growth to your organization in this fast moving e-world.

Get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you in your E-archiving and content management.

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