Mobile application & Web based applications

Mobile application & Web based applications

Mobile and web apps have made our life so simple. DIGIMARKETING AFRICA is focused on innovative and creative web and mobile application development services. The applications are customized to specific requirements and made available within set timelines.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile applications are developed across industries and for different requirements. Our mobile applications are available for Android, Iphone and phone gap. With the growing smart phone user population trendy, user friendly mobile applications have become the in thing. We support designing developing and deploying the application and support monetization and marketing of the application.

DigiMarketingAfrica is one of the well-experienced mobile app development companieswith a team of high qualified mobile app developers. With our expert mobile app team, we will give you innovative mobile apps for games, applications and marketing services, so that it will make you trend among the mobile users.

Our Mobile AppDevelopment Methodology

Right approach for mobile app development is the main factor for making the app success. DigiMarketingMobile app team follows riskless mobile app development methodology which has given many successful mobile applications to our clients.

The top five benefits of our mobile app development methodology are as given.

Fast Results

In this high competitive world, the time reduction to reach the market makes us to lead the competitor. DigiMarketing Africa with the rapid prototyping will let you have your best working results rapidly.

Frequent Reports

You will be informed with the status of your projects frequently. We will be highly transparent to you. Your feedback is highly respected and continuous improvement is made to have a good mobile solution.

High Quality

Our working method involves continuous testing, so that any errors found will be fixed earlier. Each release of the mobile app is tested thoroughly to deliver a high quality mobile app.

Web Application Development

Web app helps to keep the available information securely over the internet. DigiMarketing Africa is specialized in developing customized web applications. We are here to give you a web app solution based on your requirements.

Our web apps are developed on a wide range of technologies which includes PHP & MySQL, .NET & SQL, Codelgniter framework and Zend framework. We have also integrated the web apps with popular content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, Expression Engine, Drupal and others.

User Interface Design

A web application will get its maximum popularity and usage when it is so interactive to all people. We make our web apps with the custom user interface so that it makes the application as user-friendly.

Integrating with Websites

A web application must be integrated with other websites or applications to run effectively. We can integrate your web app with other websites or else with a newly developed website.

Integrating with Websites

Secured Apps

We provide the web applications with high security for multi-level access or it can be hosted on a private network based on your access requirements.

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