Online Distribution

Online Distribution

Online Distribution is about using the digital platforms for distributing products, services or content. With the growing internet users and smart phone subscriber base, online distribution becomes an effective and viable form of distribution. The reach and scale for the digital platforms is comparatively very high to the traditional methods. Newspapers, books, magazines, journals, Media content like Movies, Games, Audio , financial products like Insurance, Mobile Money, Banking products, Real estate are using the online distribution very effectively.

DigiMarketing Africa takes up projects to support online distribution. Our services are well structured to the specific industry requirements across Insurance, Banking, Mobile money, Media, Digital Newspapers, Automobile and more. With the access to retail customer base our distribution gains a unique approach to an effective marketing channel.

We will customize the digital platforms, integration with payment portals, provide the necessary campaign support and identify the right demographics to manage your distribution. We assure a unique experience in leveraging our expertise in integration of the back end process with the customer engagement process assuring maximum ease of use and better quantifiable results.

Our digital distribution helps you deliver your software and other digital goods into the hands of qualified individuals faster and in a cost-effective manner. This will ultimately help to reduce time to market digital goods, meet and exceed sales objectives, increase revenue by improving digital goods’ buying experience and streamlining the delivery process.

Financial Products & Services

DigiMarketing Africa supports distribution of financial products by enabling the process chain for seamless integration and customer experience. Mobile or Web applications can be customized to meet the requirements. Opening a bank account, application for a loan product or selling a Life Insurance can be fully deployed online.

Automobile Industry

DigiMarketing Africa supports the automobile industry by providing the technology platform for launching new models, showrooms, Workshops, Campaigns, Booking platforms and brand or marketing awareness. Concepts to create a virtual showroom, CRM for service workshops can be specifically channeled.

Content distribution

DigiMarketing Africa provides support in developing and or distribution of mobile applications, web applications, media including Audio, Video, Mobile games, Monetization, Telecom services based products, Movies and more. Digital content can be offered to a larger retail market for installation, download, and service or to engage.

Online Retailers, Resellers and OEMs

DigiMarketing Africa’s integrated portfolio of digital management and distribution solutions provides resellers, online retailers, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with the most flexible, secure, digital distribution formsof online transactions. This will help to extend the reach of sales, marketing and distribution programs for digital goods into targeted online communities or new markets. We offer online retailers activation services to enable more traffic and customer buy in’s to the products or services.

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